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Original Patch 1.47b Text (englisch)


Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.47B

February 28, 2002



- We fixed several bugs that caused players to become buried in walls or "warp" through walls.

- In your character's specialization window, spec bonuses now print differently. Previously, the spec list had your "base" number of trains in the list with any bonuses already added in. Now you see the "base" number of trains you have in that spec and next to it is the total number of object/realm point bonuses that affect that specialization.

- A bug was causing all 2H weapon users to parry half as much as they should have. This has been fixed - all 2H users should see their characters parrying much more often.

- Another bug in Alliance Chat has been fixed. Now when your guild leaves an Alliance, you will no longer see chat from that Alliance.

- Berserkers will now do (on average) more critical damage while they are in Frenzy mode - Only in PvP combat.

- Paladins now have increased hit points.

- Champions have had their hit points and melee damages increased.

- Blademasters now get Evade III at 25th level.

- We've split the /REALM command into two separate commands: /REALM and /RELIC. The /REALM command gives keep information and the /RELIC command gives relic information.

- Fixed the level 45 Cabalist class title for females from Sorceress to Master Imbuer


- The Twinkling Visions line (Mentalist Light spec) has had its range upped to 1500 like all other spec DD spell lines.

- Sorcerer, Minstrel and Mentalist charms now charm additional monster types at higher levels. The first spell in each line charms humanoids only. The second adds animal type monsters, the third adds insect type monsters, and the fourth adds magical type monsters. This should alleviate some issues with finding pets at different level ranges.

- Damage add chants (Paladin, Skald, Warden) now stack with base damage add buffs, but only add half damage when stacked. Pet-only damage adds and shields also stack the same way.

- The Paladin refresh chant (combat heal) no longer stacks with other refresh chants, but the amounts healed have been increased.

- Added group resistance chants for the Paladin, Skald, and Bard.

- Champion stat debuffs have been (much) increased in effectiveness in negating buffs.

- The Warden has had the higher levels of endurance regen chant changed similar to the Friar; higher levels now give a percent reduction to fatigue costs


-Tepok's Mine (Albion) fully itemized, Item levels 20-35

-Koalinth Lair (Hibernia) fully itemized, Item levels 17-28

-Varluvheim (Midgard) fully itemized, Item levels 34-39

-Nissies Lair(Midgard) got a tweak and should now drop less common loot and more coin.



We've removed the Neutral guards from the keep in the battleground. Turns out taking exp loss when dying in the RvR keep wasn't as popular as we expected. Thanks to those who gave feedback. The first group to the keep after it goes up will just need to kill the weak and penniless Baron who is living in the vacant keep.

We've also added a merchant to each of the 3 Portal keeps in the battleground that sells wood and arrows.

Midgard Dungeon: Nisse's Lair
Some slight changes have been made to Nisse's Lair. Adventurers should find it less deadly to travel deeper into the dungeon with the addition of clear spots, relatively free of monsters, and the reduction of BAF in some areas.

Albion Quests:

Quest: Save the Spirits
Players who received the item "reward" can now return to Aserod, hand him
this item and receive the proper reward.

Quest: Abolishment of Sacrifice
Lady Nimue has been move slightly towards the shore. She should no longer be
swimming in the water and out of sight.

Hibernia Quests:

Quest: Seek the Moonstone
The level 15 and 20 encounters have been tweaked slightly to make them a bit more balanced for the target level.

Albion Encounter:Lyonesse
Power from a pagan god has been bestowed upon Cailleach Uragaig. She now
commands the Torch of Light and will use it to protect her sisterhood. Be
warned! This Torch of Light is rumored to rain fire from the heavens!

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