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Original Patch 1.46c Text (englisch)


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.46C Test Release Notes


1.46C is a small update that contains bug fixes and adjustments to features introduced in the last two 1.46 version.


- The new Nightshade DD shout spells are now insta-cast and will no longer take you out of combat mode.

- Assassin classes above level 41.5 are now awarded the correct number of extra training points - they were not given training points for the "half levels" in the first conversion.

- We fixed a bug in the new "charm" system introduced in 1.46B - Minstrels can now twist charm songs with other songs (such as speed) as intended. This change does not affect Mentalists.

- The Demon and Imp models inadvertently were introduced into the game a few versions ago with the other's skins attached to them. This has been fixed: the demon is now red and the imp is now green.


We fixed a couple of problems with existing Friar spells that should make specializing in Enhancements much more useful. These changes need to be tested extensively to ensure they are more useful than the older setup.

- We converted Saint's Vigor (pulsing fatigue regen) to a shout so it can be activated in combat.

- We converted all the rest of the fatigue regeneration spells (Saint's Energy up through Saint's Tenacity) to reduce fatigue costs in a more consistent manner than they did before. Now these spells are self only duration effect, not pulsing spells, that progressively reduce the fatigue costs of all endurance-using activities.

- We changed the Speed of the Angel line to be a self only shout, that gives a 30 second haste buff that's should be quite effecitve. It can be re-used every 3 minutes.

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