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Test Version 1.34c Patch Text (englisch)

         Dark Age of Camelot
  Test Version 1.34C Release Notes
           October 31, 2001
       (Happy All Hallow's Eve!!!)
 - Warden and Runemaster Bladeturn spells now work properly - i.e. they "go away" after the first attack is turned. An unintended bug made Wardens and Runemasters who cast their bladeturn spells invulnerable - this fixes that problem.
 - There was a bug where players being power leveled by a group of higher-level friends were, under certain circumstances, being given more experience than their cap allowed. This bug meant that players could be leveled by groups much faster than we intended. Our policy is still to openly support leveling of friends, but we want to make sure it is happening within reasonable guidelines; hence the change. This change will not effect solo play or standard (i.e. where everyone is within the same level range) grouping at all.
 - The group information window should - finally - update properly, with the right information and display that info quicker.
 - Fixed a bug where shields in poor condition did not block correctly. This has been fixed; you should now see a higher number of blocks.
- The level 20 Nightshade epic reward (the cloak) had its level incorrectly set to a much higher level than intended. This resulted in the cape having higher bonuses than a player that level should have. Now, Nightshades completing this quest will receive a cloak with more appropriate bonuses.
If you are a shield user, you have always been able to block arrows with your shield; however, we never properly documented how to do this. Here's the scoop:
To use a shield to block arrows:
a) Enter combat mode
b) Face in the direction of the archer
c) To dramatically increase you block chances, use the Engage skill, if you have it.
The base chance to block a same-level archer is 30%, if your shield specialization is maxed for your level this can reach 60%. Quality and durability act as modifiers to this chance, if your skill-based chance was 50%, your Shield had a quality of 90% and a condition of 88%, then your actual chance to block would be 40%.
Using the Engage skill gives a base 95% chance to block arrows fired by your target.  How many archers you can block attacks from is determined by the size of the shield, the same as Melee targets. You can Engage one archer and still get normal blocking chances against other archers you are facing, if you have a Medium or Large shield. Essentially, Engage works exactly the same against arrows as it does against melee attacks.

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