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Test Version 1.34 Patch Text (englisch)

         Dark Age of Camelot
    Test Version 1.34 Release Notes
           October 29, 2001
 - When a player disconnects from the server illegally (either via ALT-TAB or by going linkdead), their character stays in the world for up to 45 seconds. They can be attacked by enemy players and NPCs during this time.
 - By popular demand, you can now toggle the bad word filter on and off with the /FILTER command.  This is saved on a character by character basis. Please note that the filter is on by default.
 - There is a New APPEAL interface. You are now presented with a number of options (Advice, Stuck, Harassment, TOSReport, Bugreport and Appeal). This should reduce the number of spurious appeals that get sent to Customer Support.
 - When a player has an appeal, they get a dialog box when they enter asking if they wish to refresh the appeal or cancel it. If you have any old appeals in the system that have been resolved, please delete your appeal. If you still need help with that appeal, then refresh it.
 - You can now see specific spell information in-game. Right click on the spell and use the "delve" key (defaults to shift-i) to get more information about the spell (e.g. level and type).
 - When your inventory is full and you are given a quest item, you now get a dialog telling you the item was dropped on the ground in front of you.
 - The QUICKPLAY options in the login client now save the servername the character belongs to (instead of the word Camelot).
 - The number of tombstones in dungeons has been drastically reduced (we had a bug that wasn't properly clearing them). No longer will some dungeons look like a forest of tombstones...
 - Monsters should no longer float like balloons under certain network conditions.
 - Product timer window added with a timer bar for craftsmen. This should make it much easier to figure out when you are going to be done creating your object.
A bug was introduced in last week's patch that allowed all healing spells to be cast at half spell points, meaning Clerics and other healers to cast their spells at much less cost than intended. This bug was actually fixed directly on the live servers on Friday, so today's note is just an FYI. In the future, we will release patch notes whenever a spell is changed; sadly that did not happen last week. We apologize for the confusion.
-Quest - Legend of the Lake FIX
If the 15th level portion of this quest was performed by individuals over 20th level, then you did not receive your quest item and EXP. You can now return and right-click on Lady Nimue to receive the missed item and EXP. Missed items included: (Armsman-Sleeves of the Stoic, Scout-Gauntlets of Archery, Theurgist-Necklace of Elemental Influence, Friar-Soft Leather Traveler's Leggings)
 - A level 27 Hibernian quest has been added. See your local Filidh for more details.
 - The level 9 Hibernian quest Clik's Raids is now open only to Blademasters and  Heroes, the only two classes that can use the reward.

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