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Test Version 1.33 Patch Text (englisch)


         Dark Age of Camelot

    Test Version 1.33 Release Notes

           October 23, 2001




 - /ignore is now in the game, which allows you to cut off all communication
with a player who is bothering you. Use "/ignore" by itself to see a list of
characters that you are ignoring. Use "/ignore <playername>" to add a player
to the list, or to remove that player from your ignore list if he is
currently being ignored by you. Please note that ignore lists are based on
your character, not on your account, so you can have different ignore lists
for all your different characters. One of your characters can have up to 20
players ignored at once.

 - The /AFK command has been added. This sends a message to anyone that
tries a direct send to the player that they are away from the keyboard. It
also flags you on the "who" list as being <AFK>.

 - The /FRIEND command has been changed such that it works across regions
(you can add and remove friends across regions/cities/dungeons).

 - Firbolg sitting and casting animations have been tweaked so their arms
and hands don't stick through their shields.

 - When enchanting an item at a NPC enchanter, you now get a confirmation
dialog box with the amount it will cost.

 - In order to alleviate the extremely long times to level between levels 40
to 50, we've added a "level step" at the halfway point for each of these 10
levels. At this "level step" the player will gain extra skill points to
raise skills, will have his death "floor experience" reset to the halfway
point, and will have his "low exp death" for the level reset.

 - We've made some fixes to the /STUCK command. It should work far better
when you get stuck in a wall or stuck falling through a geometry.

 - We've fixed the autoreply feature when using the /ADVICE command. When
replying to an incoming ADVICE message, you'll automatically reply on the
ADVICE channel.

 - The /ADVICE command now presents the user with a popup window listing up
to 25 available advisors (it used to scroll by in the chat buffer).

 - When a player uses the APPEAL command, they now get a popup dialog asking
if they really want to appeal. The dialog tries to direct them to use the
/STUCK command if they are stuck or the /ADVICE command if they wish game

 - When a spell is resisted, a mage only loses 1/2 power.

 - When killed on horseback, your corpse should no longer be stuck to the

 - Continued bandwidth reductions on various messages.



Albion Quests:

 - Players stuck on the Slythcur Cloak quest in Albion can right-click on
Anga Weaver to recover and continue their quest.

 - A new level 30 Albion quest added

Hibernia Quests:

 - Players having trouble with the Way of Magic, Learn the Paths quest in
Hibernia: Some changes have been made to journal entries for step 2 to
clarify matters. Re-read your journal entry for hopefully better

 - Another tailoring merchant, Darcy, has been added to Tir na Nog in
Hibernia near the other tailoring merchant, Saffa, due to the large amount
of players swarming the one merchant. This should alleviate that problem

Midgard Quests:

 - A Level 21 Midgard quest for Hunters, Shamans, Thanes and Skalds is up on
Pendragon for testing.

 - The rogue epic can now be completed to 30th level.

 - A new level 42 Midgard quest has been added.

 - 25th and 30th level portions of the Runemaster/Spiritmaster (Midgard)
epics are now online.

 - The level 25 Healer/Shaman epic in Midgard is now up for testing.  See
your trainer or read your journal for details!

 - The Troll Flayer protecting Galplen in Midgard now patrols the town as


 - More Focus Item stores have been added to all 3 realms.



Ysunoic - Galplen

Raelyan - Town of Mularn

Merwdda - Vasudheim

Elengwen - Huginfel

Niniver - Fort Atla


Curka - Galplen

Lyna - Town of Mularn

Clena - Vasudheim

Alyllyra - Huginfel

Merarka - Fort Atla



Lavena - Tir na mBeo

Brenna  - Ardagh

Glyn - Connla

Glennard - Innis Carthaig

Iama - Alainn Bin

Keir - Caille

Creirwy - Ardee


Liadan - Tir na mBeo

Torlan - Ardagh

Bryanna - Connla

Amynda - Innis Carthaig

Emhyr - Bog (Siopa)

Brynn - Caille

Naomhan - Ardee


Illaliel - Ardagh

Sedric - Mag Mell

Edmyg - Connla

Crayg - Innis Carthaig

Aisling - Alainn Bin

Ariana - Caille

Daron - Ardee



Doreen Egesa - Cotswold Village

Eabae Egesa - Ludlow Village

Loretta Egesa - Lethantis Association

Daisi Egesa - Adribard's Retreat


Cudbert Dalston - Cotswold Village

Farl Dalston - Ludlow Village

Gery Dalston - Caer Ulfwych

Graeme Dalston - Adribard's Retreat


Cauldir Edyn - Cotswold Village

Calldir Edyn - Ludlow Village

Norvel Edyn - Lethantis Association

Wylie Edyn - Adribard's Retreat


Odelia Wyman - Cotswold Village

Andrya Wyman - Ludlow Village

Elga Wyman - Lethantis Association

Wina Wyman - Caer Witrin



Please note that some of these fixes have already been deployed to the live

 - Wizard, Sorcerer, Cabalist, Theurgist, Spiritmaster, Runemaster,
Eldritch, Mentalist, and Enchanter self AF buffs have been re-tuned to
provide a smoother curve over the life of the character. Now, the lowest
versions give slightly less benefit, but the higher level ones give
substantially more armor factor bonus.

 - Changed a number of spell effects to upgrade and/or use the proper
realm's graphical effects and animations. Please note that we continue to
work on streamlining casting effects.

 - There was a bug where some types of "debuffing" spells were never
resisted. This has been fixed. You will now notice that some of your debuff
spells will be resisted just like any other spell.

 - Most resisted spells now only take half spell power, instead of the full
cost. Please note that this does not apply to "Bolt" spells.

 - Fixed a bug that was causing unintentionally increased power costs for
direct damage casters.

Thane changes:

 - Lowered timer on Toothgrinder's Hoof to be 20 seconds, so you now can
cast this spell more often.

Skald changes:

 - Slightly increased damage on Warcry and Battle Whoop lines.

Theurgist changes:

 - Due to the high power regeneration rate at lower levels, the power cost
for the level 1 elemental summons has been increased.

Spiritmaster/Enchanter changes:

 - Increased power cost of pet-only heals.

Magician changes:

 - Aura of Turning line in the Way of the Moon list has had its power cost



 - The Vendo Caves are now itemized. Item levels 22-33.

 - Midgard Warrior Guild track quest items for 20 and 25 have been flagged
as Warrior only.

 - Jewel of Dark beauty backstab changed to critical strike.

 - Hollow Breastplate in Albion now has stat bonuses.

 - Silvered staff in Hibernia should now work properly.

 - Ceremonial cloak in Hibernia is now wearable and takes Emblems.

 - Hunter's Broadsword in Albion now uses the Slashing Skill.

 - Mantle of Insight in Albion should now be able to be equipped.

 - Belt of Misdirection in Hibernia should now be able to be equipped.

 - Skeletal minions in Hibernia should no longer drop Roman items. They will
now drop Realm-appropriate loot.



 - If you want to help your realm-mates with common questions that they may
have, try becoming an Advisor! The Advisor System is set up so that players
with more than 15 hours of played time can choose to help others in their
realm.  Simply type /Advisor, and you will be flagged so that others know
you are willing to help. Then, when players use the /advice command, their
questions will be routed to you, and all other experienced players who have
flagged themselves as Advisors.

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