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Original Patch 1.42 Text (englisch)

Dark Age of Camelot
Version 1.42 Test Release Notes
11 January 2002
This is our second update to Pendragon this week - both this version and the last version (1.41) are going to be added to Monday's version and then all will be taken live (barring any major malfunctions) on Tuesday morning. On Monday expect to see more graphical weapon effects, plus more.
 - Weapon Effects are in the game now, so you'll see flaming swords, ice swords, etc. Please note that your current weapon *may* have an effect on it, as we chose to imbue many of the 43-and-higher weapons with effects. Please note that we are going to be adding these over the course of the afternoon - expect to see a list of our initial "effect weapons" (swords only currently) by 5:00 eastern - We'll post that on the Herald. We'll be adding more on Monday.
 - Mercenaries get a new ability called "Dirty Tricks". This essentially throws a puff of dirt into their enemy's eyes (use while enemy is targeted). The effect lasts for 30 seconds and while the monster is under the ability's influence, they will miss you 25% more often and when they missed their fumble rate is 50% more often than their base fumble rate. This ability operates as a shout-type spell, so it has a chance to be resisted by higher-level players and monsters. You can use it once every half hour. In a related event, monsters now have a chance to fumble while this effect is on them (Monsters didn't fumble in previous versions at all).
 - Blademasters get a new ability called "Triple Wield" where they summon a magical sword that adds damage to their attacks. This sword will enable you to do 50% more damage (i.e. via a Damage Add spell) for 30 seconds (assuming you hit your target, of course). This ability also can be used once every 30 minutes.
 - A quick note about the Hero Spirit of the Hunt ability. Sorry about the confusion on this, but when you stag form "goes away" after 30 seconds, if your current hit points are more than your max hit points, then but current and max will be reset back to normal. Thus you cannot "carry over" hit points from a previous Spirit of the Hunt to a new one. The sentence is the previous release notes was misleading, and we apologize. The sentence should have read "...but he keeps any hit point gain from the ability in his current hits, UP TO HIS PRE-ABILITY MAXIMUM."
 - A bunch of new monster skins have been added into the game, and a few new models. See the world notes for updates to the monster population.
 - The Hero's shapshifting beast is now in the game - a stag-headed humanoid creature.
 - You'll now see a spell effect and hear a sound when you shapeshift (both Hero and Berserker). They will also scale up in size to be larger than any other player model.
 - We fixed a guild chat bug - now, when you quit a guild, you will no longer receive guild chat messages from it.
 - A bug where following monsters got separated from their leader that caused them to warp erratically has been fixed.
 - Monsters following leaders will no longer stop and face you when you interact with them.
 - Guild Realm points will now be tracked much more effectively. Your Guild should no longer "lose" guild realm points randomly.
 - When you are stealthed, and are attacked, you will now come out of hiding for everyone. Previously under certain circumstances, you'd be visible to some character in the area, but not others.
 - You can no longer upgrade keep doors unless you have the proper amount of wood.
 - Keep door material types (i.e. level of wood) will now be saved when a server reboots.
 - Destroying a keep door will now reset it down to the lowest level of wood - you'll then have to upgrade it from there.
 - Critical failures in weapon crafting will now cost less materials - you'll lose less when you fail.
 - You can no longer cast instant-cast spells (i.e. shouts) when you are mesmerized.
 - ALL "sleep" type spells (mesmerize, stun, root) now can be cast only once per minute per target. This should alleviate some player concerns about being "chain-stunned". You can still cast the spell as normal, however, it will have no effect on a player if he has had that same effect on him in the previous minute.
 - Leaders of guard patrols can no longer be "directed" around by players.
 - Bounty Points and Bounty Stores are now in. See the section on Bounty Points and Stores below.
Bounty points and stores have been added to Dark Age of Camelot. It works as follows: as you accrue Realm Points, you now accrue Bounty Points, which you can spend in special stores to get special magical items. Once you spend bounty points, they go away just like money does. There are three types: healing, stamina , and spell power healing. There are a few levels of these, please see the list below.
You can find the Bounty stores in each Realm's main city. See the World notes for the precise store locations.
You may have a maximum number of bounty items based on your realm rank - i.e. one per Realm Rang. To use a bounty item, the item must be your level or lower - otherwise the item will not work for you.
To use the item, place it somewhere in your inventory (they do not have to be equipped). Then left click on the item to make a short cut to the item on your hot bar. After this to use simply click on the hot-bar icon. At that point the items spell will be cast and it will disappear. One bounty item may be used every 3 minutes of real time - you can use it while fighting, but you'll have to exit out of combat mode and wait for your weapon timer to expire to do so (usually just a few seconds). Then click the item to "fire" its effect and re-enter combat.
Higher level objects have more healing power than lower level ones.
The cost is as follows:
 level 20 - 100 bounty points
 level 30 - 200 bounty points
 level 40 - 300 bounty points
 level 50 - 400 bounty points
 Stamina Heals
 Smooth Earthen Stone - level 20 stamina
 Imbued Earthen Stone - level 30 stamina
 Luminescent Earthen Stone - level 40 stamina
 Pulsing Earthen Stone - level 50 stamina
 Health Heals
 Smooth Watery Stone - level 20 healing
 Imbued Watery Stone - level 30 healing
 Luminescent Watery Stone - level 40 healing
 Pulsing Watery Stone - level 50 healing
 Power Heals
 Smooth Fiery Stone - level 20 power
 Imbued Fiery Stone - level 30 power
 Luminescent Fiery Stone - level 40 power
 Pulsing Fiery Stone - level 50 power
 Stamina Heals
 Carved Totem of Heimdal - level 20 stamina
 Polished Totem of Heimdal - level 30 stamina
 Embossed Totem of Heimdal - level 40 stamina
 Encrusted Totem of Heimdal - level 50 stamina
 Health Heals
 Carved totem of Eir - level 20 healing
 Polished Totem of Eir - level 30 healing
 Embossed Totem of Eir - level 40 healing
 Encrusted Totem of Eir - level 50 healing
 Power Heals
 Carved Totem of Odin - level 20 power
 Polished Totem of Odin - level 30 power
 Embossed Totem of Odin - level 40 power
 Encrusted Totem of Odin - level 50 power
 Stamina Heals
 Tiny Crystal of Arduina - level 20 stamina
 Small Crystal of Arduina - level 30 stamina
 Crystal of Arduina - level 40 stamina
 Precious Crystal of Arduina - level 50 stamina
 Health Heals
 Tiny Crystal of Dianecht - level 20 healing
 Small Crystal of Dianecht - level 30 healing
 Crystal of Dianecht - level 40 healing
 Precious Crystal of Dianecht - level 50 healing
 Power Heals
 Tiny Crystal of Fintan - level 20 power
 Small Crystal of Fintan - level 30 power
 Crystal of Fintan - level 40 power
 Precious Crystal of Fintan - level 50 power
Albion Quests
Quest: Hidden Insurrection: A left-handed crushing weapon for Mercenaries, a left-handed thrusting weapon for Mercenaries and Infiltrators, and a left-handed thrusting weapon for Infiltrators has been added to the list of rewards for this quest. Mercenaries and Infiltrators who have completed this quest can return to Captain Rhodri at the Snowdonia border keep to obtain a one time swap of their quest item.
Quest: Departed Fellowship: A Hammer with Enhancement properties for Clerics has been added to the list of rewards for this quest. Cleric who have completed this quest can visit their trainers in Camelot to obtain a one time swap of their quest item.
Albion Monsters
 - The Keltoi casters should no longer "chain" cast.
 - Some changes are being made to Llyn Barfog. If you frequented that area, know that your same favorite creatures to hunt are still there, but they may have migrated to different areas.  Expect to see more changes soon.
 - Some of the more powerful cythraul are now called wicked cythraul
 - Scholars have discovered that creatures in the lake called "afanc" are actually just afanc hatchlings.  One of the scholars warns of the day when their mother will return.
 - Boggarts, found in Pennine Mountains, have taken on a somewhat more sinister hue to their appearance.
 - The bogmen of Avalon Marsh have learned to blend in better with their surrounding environment.
 - Scouts have classified a new creature in Llyn Barfog that they call the diamondback toad. The amphibian is described as being large, fast, and has a very tough diamondlike skin that is hard to pierce.  Fortunately, the animal appears to be content with its surroundings and does not appear bother other creatures.
Midgard Monsters
 - Frostbite wildlings, nip mephits, and snow imps have all taken on a more wintery appearance.
 - Raumarik is being updated to contain more encounters for higher level players. Work on this zone is ongoing, so be on the lookout over the next couple of versions for new encounters.
 - Be careful in areas that were once relatively empty and safe for travel, as they may now contain unfriendly inhabitants.
 - Raumarik: New inhabitants have migrated to Raumarik. The ancient guardians of the area have become more tolerable to those that wish to help rid their once peaceful area of their bothersome neighbors.  Even bounty hunters have been called in to exterminate some of the local wildlife.
- Added monsters for players level 40 - 50
Hibernia Monsters:
 - The giant ants found in various areas of Hibernia have lost their bright red luster.
 - The giant lusus, an abomination of nature, was reported as looking even more bizarre than previous sightings.
 - The Cursed Forest is undergoing an update to add more encounters for higher level players.
 - Beware of new denizens stalking what once may have been safe areas. Changes to this zone are ongoing so be on the lookout for new additions over the next couple of versions.
 - Cursed forest: Rangers are reporting that the Cursed Forest is stirring with more creature activity than before. It is advised that you do not explore the forest alone. Poachers have flocked to the area to take advantage of the more fertile hunting grounds. Powerful and dangerous forest scorpions have been spotted in certain areas as well. Fomorians have invaded the southern region of the Cursed Forest. Also, undead have been appearing in the northern expanses of the forest. (player levels 40-50)
Albion Stores
Bounty Stores-
Calldir Edelmar - Guild Hall, Camelot City
Freya Edelmar - Guild of Shadows, Camelot City
Maye Edelmar - The Academy, Camelot City
Dare Edelmar - Defenders of Albion, Camelot City
Aklee Edelmar - Church of Albion, Camelot City
Quilted Store
Sebil Lenut - Lethantis Association, Campacorentin Station
Brother Salvar - Defenders of Albion, Camelot City
Hibernia Stores:
Bounty Stores-
Kiley -- Located in the Way of Stealth advanced trainer's building
Antaine -- Located outsided the Way of Arms advanced trainer's building
Grainne -- Located in the Way of Nature advanced trainer's area
Ailson -- Located in the Way of Magic building
Aghaistin -- Located in the Palace
Midgard Stores:
Bounty Stores-
Royd Aesir Temple
Elli Jotun Temple
Tora the Main Hall, with the guild registrar

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