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Original Patch 1.37c Text (englisch)

         Dark Age of Camelot
    Open Letter From the President
          December 7, 2001
    Our two-month anniversary is coming up and I thought it appropriate to say a few (okay, more than a few) words about our game to the players that help make Dark Age of Camelot the unique world that it is today.  First, on behalf of Mythic I want to thank all the people who have purchased and are playing our game.  You are part of the most successful launch of an MMORPG  in the United States to date. We continue to set new records for sales and expanding subscriber count with each day that goes by.  We thank you for interest, your support and we hope, for your continued enjoyment of our world.  Second, as great as our launch was, no amalgam of software as complex as DAoC is ever perfect.  While it would be easy for us to relax now and enjoy the fruits of our labor; that is not what Mythic is all about.  I have written about our commitment to our players at length over the years and that commitment will continue to be shown by the amount of effort, time and money that will be spent by Mythic to honor that commitment.
  So, without further ado let's get to the heart of the matter, what is coming down the road in the next month.
    First, Mythic is the process of hiring additional personnel to continue to help achieve our goal of being the best MMORPG in the industry.  From artists to customer service, Mythic will continue to reinvest in DAoC and its future.  Nothing comes cheaply, certainly not success and that is what we want DAoC to continue to be, the most successful MMORPG ever created by an independent developer.  However, that is not good enough for us.  We want to be the best MMORPG created anywhere by anyone at anytime.  To do this takes time and money and we are willing to spend it.
    Second, we will be continuing to squash bugs and game imbalances wherever and whenever we find them.  Our #1 priority is a bug-free game.  New content is good but we would rather take a little longer (if necessary) to get in new stuff rather than gloss over what is left behind.  Both the world developers and the programmers are working diligently in improving this most challenging hurdle in developing and operating an MMORPG. For the purpose of brevity (our new content list at the end of this letter is quite long enough) I am not listing these items here. However, better balancing (including enhancements) the Realms and the classes are obviously quite important.
    Third, even with our focus on bugs and balance issues, we will also be putting in a ton of new content over the next thirty days.  Please keep in mind that these are things that as of this writing we expect to have in but things can always change in this type of world.  However, we are pretty confident that everything contained herein will make it in before three-month anniversary of the game.  Also, this is not a full list but just the big things we have planned.  So, here we go:
1) Climbing and ladders will be added to the game.
2) You will be able to see arrows and ammo being shot by other players.
3) Shapeshifting will be added.
4) Bounty points (for Realm vs. Realm combat) will be added to the game.  As part of this we will also add a Realm Store where you can redeem your points.  We will also convert each character so that Bounty Points are added retroactively to your character based on the Realm Points you have accumulated so far.
5) A new class of weapon effects will be added to the game for things like flaming swords.
6) Battlegroups will be added to the game.
7) We will look at improving the animations for both water and lava.
8)  New weapon animations for skills will be added.
9) More unique NPCs will be added to the game.  What we mean by unique is NPCs that require their own special animations/attacks.  These are not NPCs whose type exist already in the game (to which we just add new skins) but whole new types of NPCs.
10) More skins for NPCs (as separate from above).
11) Ongoing Realm by Realm, Zone by Zone analysis of all parts of the Realms.
12) Hibernia will get special attention in order to correct what people perceive it being the "poor stepchild" of the game.  In particular all aspects of the development team will be turning their attention to that Realm (classes, spells, NPCs, dungeons) to improve it and the player's perception of the Realm.
13) Increased itemization of certain dungeons and outdoor areas.
14) Addition of Epic Quests to 40th level across all Realms.
15) Addition of some Epic Quests up to 50th level.
16) Addition of more non-Epic Quests.
So, that's the list.  In January we will be turning our attention to housing, server types and horses as well as lots and lots of other stuff.  We have also recently made a decision based on the current workload to plan for our first expansion pack a little later than we had originally considered.  We are doing this so we can continue to show our commitment to our current players in delivering a ton of new content as part of the subscription service.  Rushing an expansion pack out there could have endangered that effort and thus, we are delaying it by a couple of months.  As tempting as it is to get another SKU out, doing so would not be the right decision for Mythic or for the players.
Once again I want to thank you, our players, for your continued support and patronage.  We will continue to work hard to deserve it.
         Dark Age of Camelot
     Version 1.37c Release Notes
          December 4, 2001
Now, when a player character crafts an item, their name will be attached to that item. If someone delves the item the crafter's name will be displayed as part of the item information.
Here is a short description of Realm points, levels, and titles. There are 100 total realm levels, which are sub-divided into 11 ranks, each of which has a title and potentially a gift associated with it. When you gain your first Realm point (by engaging in RvR combat), you will be promoted to Rank 1, level 1. As you continue to fight in RvR, your next level will be Rank 1, level 2, and so forth. When you gain Rank 1, level 9, your next level gain will promote you to Rank 2, level 1. At Rank 2, you will gain a Realm Rank and a new title. You will gain these new titles and ranks at levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 70, 80, 90, and 100. So, you must be 10th Realm Level (Rank 2) before you will see your Realm Title change.
Starting with this version, when you gain a Realm Rank, you will gain a 1 point bonus to each of your specializations per Rank. This begins at realm rank 2. So, a player of Realm Rank 5 would have a total of +4 (i.e. one per realm rank after the first) to all his skills. A maxed-out RvR player would have a +10 to all skills (at realm rank 11). Please note that this acts just as if that player has a magic object that "buffs" skills - i.e. you will not get abilities awarded to you because of the bonuses, but for combat and other calculations, the buff will be included in the formula.  Currently, this bonus does not display on your character sheet.
In the (near) future, we plan on having a slightly more robust Realm Rank gifts, where you gain cash rewards for RvR combat, and at some point after that, additional skills and abilities. We'll give you all more information about that when the time comes.
 - You can now select and destroy Relic Keep doors.
 - Siege weapons can now be repaired using the "/repair" command.
 - Magical effects such as stun and mesmerize now "remember" if they have been cast on a player, and if cast again, the spell will last for a shorter duration than the first instance of the spell. This will effect combat vs. monsters as well.
 - You will now come out of hiding when you use the "/repair" command, if you are stealthed.
 - Repairing a door now takes 20 seconds to go through the entire repair cycle. Previously, it took 5 seconds, which enabled one or two players to hold off many enemy players attacking the door.
 - Guild Realm Points will now be tracked properly, and won't reset randomly. You'll notice that your guild's Realm Points will be adjusted as members log into the game
 - Keep doors should now be properly synchronized across all people's computers. Previously, some players would see doors open, when in reality they were closed.
 - When low level mage characters cast mesmerization and stun spells on higher level-characters and monsters, the spells used to last as long as if a high level mage cast the spell. Now, the duration of the mez/stun will lower based on how much lower level the mage is than the target.
 - The "Appeal" interface has been modified and streamlined so players who wish to contact Customer Support should have an easier time expressing their problem.
 - Eight new monster skins have been added. Expect to see some new-looking monsters wandering about Pendragon later in the week.
 - All outdoor zones for all realms have new pathing data, which means that pets, monsters and NPCs should now enter and move around buildings and structures properly. This fixes problems like pets going the "wrong" way around a building when following you, refusing to enter a building with you, or moving in an erratic fashion near objects.
 - If you are hidden, monsters are now much less likely to target you than other group members, although they still have a chance of "finding" you.
 - Heal spells should no longer be castable on dead player bodies.
 - The "anonymous" flag no longer resets on quitting or zoning.
 - There's now a confirmation dialog on Emblemeers and Smiths, which ask you if you are sure you want to purchase the emblem/repair the object.
 - When you are missing an ingredient when making an object, the game will now list ALL the ingredients you are missing.
 - Most NPC dialog will now print money in terms of units of currency, not just copper. Previously, you would see "50099 copper" - now that is translated into gold, silver, copper, etc.
 - Condition and durability has been tweaked so that generally speaking, items now last longer (i.e. have greater durability), but need to be repaired slightly more often.
 - Items with qualities below 90 will no longer salvage for the same amount of raw materials as higher-quality items.
 - When you get a dialog box prompting you for resurrection, you now must acknowledge it within 15 seconds. If you don't, the resurrection spell must be recast.
 - Berserker Frenzy now grants a "to hit" bonus and can be used every 7 minutes (used to be every 10 minutes).
 - You can no longer "/upgrade" non-door objects. Due to a bug, you were able to upgrade all wooden objects (bows, staves, etc.), even though it was not cost-effective to do so.
 - Briton, Hibernian, and Midgard guards have gotten an armor appearance upgrade. You should start seeing this later in the week.
 - Albion plate armor has been upgraded in appearance.
Albion Quests / NPCs:
Quest: Legione perso. Players attacking Lunaris were having difficulty in moving to the next step of this quest. This problem has now been resolved.
Quest: Fortune of Few. Armsmen were receiving a Embossed Crossbow reward for this level 11 quest. For those Armsmen who wish to receive a usable item for their level, please return to Master Graent. You can hand him the Embossed Crossbow and you will receive a Belt of Battle in exchange.
Quest: Heart of Sephucoth. Players who were also on the Ripper quest were not able to receive the bone they required for the Heart of Sephucoth quest. This issue has now been resolved and shortly after receiving the bone for the Ripper quest, you should receive the bone required to complete the Heart of Sephucoth quest.
Quest: Captured Courier. Player attempting to complete the Dunston section of this quest in groups were having trouble. Dunston would run away shortly after the first of the group performed the proper steps. This has now been resolved. Dunston will wait for up to 1 minute while all members of the group perform the required steps.
Quest: Traveler's Way -- Supply Run. Journal entries have been changed to
reflect Sceley's smith profession.
Quest: Abolishment of Sacrifice. Players who were stepped to step 7 and did not receive the sub-quest (Deserter Amono) can return to their Camelot trainer to receive this quest. Players who were stepped to step 10 and did not receive the sub-quest (Point of Reason) can return to their Camelot trainer to receive this quest. Players who were stepped to step 12 and did not receive the sub-quest (Chains of Death) can return to their Camelot trainer to receive this quest. Also, The Sacrificer Harish encounter has been brought back up to its original level of difficulty.
Quest: Legend of the Lake. Players who were stepped to step 3,4,7 or 8 and did not receive the sub-quests (Barbaric tales) or (Wizard Lost) can return to Lady Nimue to receive one of these quests.
Quest: Rebellion Accepted. Players who were stepped to step 5 and did not receive the sub-quest (Path of the Renegade) can return to Captain Rhodri to receive this quest. Players who were stepped to step 7 and did not receive the sub-quest (Regal Nobility) can return to Captain Rhodri to receive this quest.
Quest: Scura tragedia. Players who were stepped to step 7 and did not receive the sub-quest (La morti parla) can return to Master Vismer to receive this quest. Players who were stepped to step 9 and did not receive the sub-quest (Animare il morti) can return to Master Vismer to receive this quest. Players who were stepped to step 11 and did not receive the sub-quest (Legione perso) can return to Master Vismer to receive this quest.
Hibernia Quests / NPCs:
Quest: Secret of Nuada's Silver. Players on step three of the Secret of Nuada's Silver quest that don't have the ore to hand in to Chief Proinnsias will fail the quest and get chastised for being careless. They'll be able to get the quest again. This is so the customer service people don't have to continually reset quests for people who get the ore and then destroy it or drop it.
Quest: Seek the Moonstone. An earlier fix to the Seek the Moonstone epic allowed players who lost the enchanted collar to speak to the hounds. This has confused players who never lost the collar, so an alteration has been implemented that should hopefully help alleviate player confusion. Players who have lost the collar only need to say [the moonstone] as indicated in their journal. Players who haven't lost their collar can now give the collar to the hound to initiate hound-speak.
Siabra reorganization. The different clans of siabra have been differentiated. The new names are now reflected in the quests and talk indexes.
New Quest: Freeing Osier. A new level 19 Hibernian quest: Freeing Osier... a Connla merchant believes her beloved, lost many years ago, is now a spectral wickerman. (Osier is no longer a one-time drop)
New Shopkeeper. Cleit, in Tir na Nog, sells shields. He's located just past the first pub in Tir na Nog, entering from the Lough Derg entrance.
New Shopkeeper. Cragen, in Tir na Nog, now sells tacuil armor.
Quest Sile's Sight: Keeper Rasa has moved away from the empyreans who guard her, and now resides by herself in a hut near their grove.
Quest West Wind: Nightshades now get a leather hauberk as a reward for this quest.
Blademasters now get reinforced greaves as a reward for this quest.
The Hauberk of Lies is going to remain reinforced. However, nightshades can turn in their Hauberk of Lies to Bairfhionn in Tir na Nog and receive a leather Hauberk of Deceit. Only players who've completed the quest and have the Hauberk of Lies in their inventory will be able to get the new quest reward. This can only be done once.
Blademasters who have received the Scale Greaves of Might can turn in this item to Bairfhionn in Tir na Nog and recieve reinforced Greaves of Might. Only players who've completed the quest and have the Scale Greaves of Might in their inventory will be albe to get the new quest reward. Players can only do this once.
Midgard Quests / NPCs:
Quest: Red Daggers. Midgard Warriors who've completed the Red Dagger quest, or who are currently on the quest, and received the Stormrider's Hauberk, the level 25 Thane reward, can turn in the hauberk for the correct warrior reward, a set of War Ravager Gauntlets. Players should turn the Thane item in to the Gythja of Bragi, in Jordheim.
Quest: Sveawolf Guardian. The Sveawolf Guardian quest now has better directions in the quest journal. The Elder sveawolf now gives more specific directions for dealing with the other creatures involved. Also, the Barkeeps will now tell you which town they are referring to in their rumors about this quest.
Quest: Krrrck's Torment. Krrrck in Krrrck's Torment should be easier to find in Skona Ravine. The directions given out by Arnleif in Vasudheim for Krrck's location are now included in the quest journal.have been given more detail, and Krrrck will spawn more.
Quest: Furf's Reward
Quest: Sulphine's Demise
The directions to Furf in Skona and Sulphine in Muspelheim have been made a little clearer. Furf will also spawn more frequently in Skona.
Quest: Simple Misgivings. In Simple Misgivings, Hilde in Haggerfel now asks for forge plans instead of blueprints to match the object you receive from the monster.
Quest: Price of Excellence. Players on the Price of Excellence quest should now see their talisman 'glow' when they are near the correct monster. They should also now be able to complete the quest by killing Ulfgar.
Quest: Wisdom of Time. Players working on the Wisdom of Time epic (shaman, healer) who did not receive a subquest (The Rod and the Scholars, Visions of Darkness, Decoding the Map, Gashir) should return to Inaksha in Haggerfel to receive the quest they need.
Quest: Silent Death. Players who chose an axe as their reward for Silent Death but were not able to receive the axe should return to Eindridi the smith in Fort Atla. Right-click on him to receive your reward. Players that chose a two-handed axe instead of a one-handed axe may now return to Eindridi in Fort Atla and exchange their axe.  Also, the level of the Silent Death quest has been lowered to 22 to match the level of the monster. The quest level was set too high, making the rewards too low.
Quest: Widower's Hunt. Widower's Hunt - Players who were killed by the Widower and are on step 7 should return to Yver in Haggerfel to be able to fight Widower again.
Quest: Hunting Party: Bork of Huginfell now actually gives out money he mentions for the Hunting Party quest.
Quest: Aegan's Letter to Helen: The journal entry for Aegan's Letter to Helen now reminds you where Helen lives.
Quest: Tric's Lost List: The directions to Gib for Tric's Lost List given by Tric have been added to the quest journal.
Quest: Grenlock Clan: The NPC's associated with the Grenlock Clan epic (for spiritmasters and runemasters) have undergone a slight name change. The sons' last name is now Alfevson instead of Grenle to match their father's last name.
Dverge Faction fix - The activities of the dverge in Muspelheim have roused the anger of the Lost Souls, who have summoned new spirits to combat them. These new spirits can be hunted to gain favor with the Dverge.
Quest: Zrit-Zrit's Item quest: Gautr in Gotar now correctly refers to Zrit-Zrit as a badger, not an offspring of a bear. Gautr also gives a direction and a reference point in Skona Ravine to help find Zrit-Zrit. Zrit-Zrit is no longer quite so shy, so players should be seeing him more often.
Quest: Tomte Jerkin quest: The quest is now available to all classes. A Tomte Tunic has been added for runemasters and spiritmasters. Runemasters and Spiritmasters who have already received a Jerkin can return to Gwaell in Audliten to exchange it for a Tomte Tunic. The tunic has the same stats at the jerkin; the only difference is the material.
Quest Healer's Shield: Healer's Shield has been renamed Protecting the Healer. There was some confusion with the name and the reward. A bracer has been added for runemasters, spiritmasters, healers, and shaman. If you cannot use the sword, return to Saydyn in Huginfell to swap out your sword.
Monster Encounter Updates:
Over the next few weeks we'll be making a concerted effort to improve and diversify many of the monster encounters throughout the realms. The goal of this is to make the adventuring areas feel as though they have more impact in the world, and that there are more distinct areas with a variety of behavior, treasure, and monster types. Included in this version are the first steps in this direction. As you can see our first pass is in some of the Hibernian zones, but all realms will receive attention. This set of improvements represents just the beginning of how we plan to implement your feedback.
Hibernia Monster Encounters:
 - The druid grove of Howth has done extensive investigation of the group of dark magical beings known as the Siabra. Disturbingly, they discovered that the Siabra reach and influence was quite extensive. While they all hail to one great queen and are seen as one group of beings, the closer investigation has revealed that there are regionalized differences between the Siabra people. One of the biggest differences is in their choice of colors to wear. The Siabra of the Lough Derg region, for example, have been known to wear red with highlights of violet. Regardless of the region though, violet seems to be a recurrent theme. The druids concluded their research by giving names to each of these siabra region-groups. Those in the Lough Derg area are the dergan siabra, those in Brileith and Mt. Collory are the siog, in the Cliffs of Moher they are moheran, in Silvermine are the sheevra, in the Shannon Estuary are the eriu, and in Lough Gur are the gurite. Those who reside near their faerie queen, Cliodna, in the B
og of Cullen are still referred to by their original siabra name.
 - Siabra Fury, Enchanter, and Skirmishers in Lough Derg are now known as dergan fury, dergan enchanter, and dergan tussler, respectively.
 - Dergan enchanter now correctly uses a thrust attack. It was previously using a crushing attack.
 - Rock and stone sheeries have evolved slightly, and as a result, look a little different than they did before. They have also shed the cloth tunics they once wore.
 - Whistlers, magical creatures that take on the form of black horses, have recently asserted some influence over the dergan near Macnol's tower in Lough Derg.
 - Moss sheeries have migrated towards Lough Derg and may now be found behind the dergan grove
 - Druids have classified a new type of sheerie, the clubmoss sheerie. It is slightly bigger and more magical than the smaller moss sheeries. The clubmoss sheerie is only found in Lough Derg.
 - Rock sheeries have claimed a lonely stone circle on the east side of Lough Derg. Rounders, a more magical type of rock sheerie has also been sighted in that location.
 - More curmudgeons have migrated into the Lough Derg area and some have taken on new roles. Investigating wardens have noted crab-catchers, campkeepers, and even a singing curmudgeon.
 - A rare species of arachnid known as the dampwood mite has found a home in the Lough Gur area. At least four colonies of these creatures have been discovered.
 - Reports have come in of ghoulies moving closer to Innis Carthig
 - Survey groups claim to have seen gurite (Lough Gur Siabra) tempriars on the road between Lough Gur and the Bog of Cullen. Caution is advised for those traveling southeast.
 - Stone sheeries have made their way as far south as the stone circles in Lough Gur. Yet another type of sheerie, called the chipstone, has been seen with these groups.
 - Many Lurikeen have reported that a small herd of faerie horses has emerged to take up resident on the island in Lough Gur
 - Wayward reports have trickled in of escorted envoys of the Unseelie Court heading from Lough Gur towards Cliodna's tower. Many have been sent to investigate these reports, but as of yet, no one has returned with confirmation.
 - Magical black cats called scanradh (fright) have been seen with the gurites in their southwestern camp of Lough Gur. Like the whistlers of Lough Derg, these seem to have some power of authority over the gurites.
 - A ragged messenger out of Alainn Bin inform has informed Connla authorities that cronicorns have been sighted in the Bog of Cullen. A sole surviving witness said the creature, leading a group of siabra, smited down his entire party with a mere wave of its horn. The village of Alainn Bin slips further and further from our grasp.
 - Times of war can be seen by the increased number of disturbed spirits that roam the frontier lands, fallen invaders and defenders alike have risen from their unpleasant deaths to lash out at any who cross their paths.
 - Additional camps of luricadunes have been spotted in the valleys of Silvermine to the west of Howth.
 - The gray spectres have spread their influence from the solitary camp in the south.
 - The sheevra have occupied additional areas on the shoreline and hills of Silvermine. Our guardian scouts report that these new camps are more dangerous and aggressive than the siabra of before.
 - Tangua, Slothi and Natyl have been spotted more frequently at their camp in Bri Leith
 - Dullahans may appear more frequently at night in the Lough Gur area
 - Cave fairies and enhornings now heal themselves less often.
 - The pooka formerly known as Spook is now known as Shadowgnash.
 - Some of the heavy-drinking cluricaun have found abandoned homes in Connacht that they now use for their wild parties. They have sent messengers out to their kin to join them and are waiting them to arrive later this week.
Albion Monster Encounters
 - The Arawnites in Llyn Barfog have established a more permanent presence.
 - The boggart and Gwalchmai factions in the Pennine Mountains should now be giving a correct faction message.
 - The vigilis in the Catacombs has a slightly longer range on his bow. Additionally, it will now run after those who confront him.
Midgard Monster Encounters
 - The hagbui appear to have been disturbed by adventurers in the swamp and now roam their lairs even in the daylight hours.
 - Forest spiders in Vanern swamp spawn in daytime as well as night. They have also received an appropriate poison attack.
 - Stonehenge Barrows is itemized, equipment levels are 36-50.
 - The Bracer of the Paranoid from the Muire tomb now has the correct bonuses. All bracers will auto-update.
 - The Bogeyman Crystallized Eye can now be equipped.
 - Arachnid silk can now be picked up / carried.
 - The Ceremonial Cloak in the Muire Tomb should now take dyes.
 - Hrodrek's chain should now take dyes.
 - The Blackorm Coif should now drop with the proper Armor Factor.
 - The Roman Body Shield was renamed to Ancient Body Shield and now more monsters other than Roman Undead drops it.
 - The Roman Battle Bracer was renamed as Ancient Battle Bracer for the same reason.
 - Loot tables in the Vale of Mularn and East Svaeland were tweaked. Some rare objects were added and drop rates were modified.
 - The Orm Skullcap Shield now has the proper icon and uses the shield skill.
 - The Bear-bracer should now raise Sword skill instead of slash.
 - The Spine Splitter stats were changed to modify Large Weaponry and Strength. The previously stat bonuses did not help any characters that could use the weapon.
 - The Crystal Shard now raises the piercing skill instead of thrusting.
 - The Twilight Blade-stopper should now "consider" correctly.
 - The Wispy and Runic Orms Spines still cannot be equipped.  The bug has been found and the fix should be on the test server this week. (We had previously stated that this bug had been fixed.)
 - Added an AE attack speed debuff to the Enchanter's Bedazzling list (Field of Scintillation), to add to Hibernia's area-effect repertoire.
 - Added a power regen line to Holism for Mentalist (Empowering Unity), and an AE DoT to Holism line for Mentalist (Shroud of Madness). This is one step towards evening out Hibernian area effect spells, and adds some extra benefit for speccing in Mana.
 - Added "nearsight" line to Runemaster Runes of Suppression list (Suppress Sight), Matter Manipulation (Cab matter spec, Encrust Eyes) list, and Eldritch Shadow Control list (changed old dex debuff line to Negate Coordination, and Negate Sight line is the nearsight spell). Nearsight reduces the range at which spells can be cast and arrows fired by a percentage. This is a "harrying" type spell that should give casters a non-damaging counter to archers.
 - Added AE DoT (Spore Cloud) to Shaman Cave spec. to flesh

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