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Original Patch 1.36 Text (englisch)

         Dark Age of Camelot
     Version 1.36 Release Notes
          November 15, 2001
 - Spell icons have been completely revamped. You should now have more interesting and different colored icons for your spells. This should make it much easier to distinguish between them when you have them readied on your Quickbar.
 - Groups no longer disband when entering dungeons or cities and when crossing into other realms. When a single group member moves across regions, you will see him grayed out in your group window.
 - The Realm vs. Realm bug when using mesmerization spells against players has been fixed. Previously, casting mez on a player would have a relatively random effect. Now, if you are mesmerized, you cannot move or fight, but any damage taken or a healing spell cast on you will "break" the mez.
 - Dexterity debuff spells have been fixed. Now, any monster that has a debuff cast on it will take more damage than it otherwise would have.
 - The /WHO command will no longer show duplicate entries for players who have crashed.
 - You can now get additional information on Merchant items with the INFORMATION key (Shift-I). Do use this, right click on any item in a merchant's store inventory, and then press shift-I.
 - Items that buff resistance to damage types (slash, thrust, crush) now work correctly. Previously, resistance items were not applying the proper bonus.
 - Poisons now show their level in the object information window.
 - You should now be able to right-click on all your spells to get information about them. Previously, some spells did not show information when you right-clicked them.
Hibernia Quests:
Quest: Sile's Sight:
Players currently on Sile's Sight quest that can't get Sile to respond need to increase their faction with the Empyreans before they can continue the quest. Once they increase their faction, they will be able to continue the quest with no problem by simply returning to Sile. For players who haven't received the quest yet, a line of text has been added telling players with bad faction that they must make peace with the creatures of the Veil. It also kills the quest, so players won't have it stuck in their pending queue forever. Players can get the quest again once they regain faction.
Quest: West Wind:
Players on step two of the West Wind quest that have received Scuttle's Tooth rather than a letter should return to Tiarnan in Tir na Nog. Tiarnan will give out the correct item to players who return to him.
Quest: Moonstone Epic (Enchanter, Champion, Bard and Nightshade):
For players on the Moonstone Epic: The enchanter in Innis Carthaig will no longer despawn when he reads the letter given to him by players on step 10.
Albion Quests:
Quest: Traveler's Way - Dwarf raid
Some players were not able to obtain Traveler's Way - Dwarf raid quest if the were also on the Ripper quest. This has now been fixed.
Quest: Long Lion Fang
Players were not able to turn in their Long Lion Fang to complete quest. Players can now finish their quest as indicated in their journal.
Midgard Quests:
Quest: Svartmoln's Appetite:
Runemasters and spiritmasters will now receive boots they can wear from the quest Svartmoln's Appetite. Casters that have the leather boots may return to Kyba in Vasudheim to exchange their boots for cloth ones.
Quest: Cargila's Blessing:
Players can now complete Cargila's Blessing. Players who have already killed Cargila and have the item should return to Geiri in Nalliten to complete the quest. Everyone else should follow the directions in their journal.
Quest: Furf's Reward:
Ullaria no longer gives out the Furf's Reward quest. Players who received the quest from her should go to Dalla in Gotar to finish the quest.
Quest: Silent Death:
The item crafters in the Silent Death quest now give you a weapon based on your class. Going link dead will not prevent you from getting the correct item. There is now an arrow vendor in Svasud Faste.
Quest: Zrit-Zrit: Players who have received their item from Zrit-Zrit but still have the quest listed in their journal as pending can return to Gautr in Gotar to have it moved to the completed list.
Quest: Young Fire Wyrm: The journal entry for step 1 of the Young Fire Wyrm quest now gives the correct information.
Hibernian Objects:
The Mantle of Forgotten Prowess (Hibernia) can now be dyed and emblemized
Albion Encounters:
Faction on the Cornwall Farmers horse station has been adjusted. These farmers will now be aggressive if you have ruined your faction.
Travelers in Snowdonia Station report that the Black Mountains Goblins appear to be attempting to enslave a variety of beasts. Enraged and tortured beasts have been reported hiding in the hills, attacking all who come near.
Rumors in the alehouse of Cornwall Station are that the Yarleys have been hunting a strange new beast in the moors of Cornwall with no success.
The Arawnites may be spreading their influence. Cryptic writings at their camps in Snowdonia speak of scouts or missions sent to Llyn Barfog and Lyonesse, although Lord Prydwen's patrols report no new sightings in these regions.
Hibernia Encounters:
Be wary when hunting in any of the fields plagued by the parthanan menace. It is said that if they are angered, they have the ability for pool their energies together to become something quite frightening. This pooling of energies is somewhat rare but has been reported to happen at the most unexpected times.
Reports have come in from the Cliffs of Moher, Connaught, Lough Derg, Silvemine Mountains, and Shannon Estuary of sightings of creatures of abnormal size and abilities. While the creatures seem to be both rare and elusive, the local sentinels urge fellow Hibernias to use caution when traveling the less civilized areas of those regions.
The central area of Briefine is slightly more dangerous than it was previously.
Midgard Encounters:
The duegar tjuv and Danin spawns in Spindelhalla have had their frequencies
Fishermen out of the Gotar region report that they've seen great creatures out at sea that occasionally emerge from the depths. However, those sightings have been getting closer and closer to the shore and civilized areas. Some local officials checked out the stories, but could find no evidence of any great creatures. The fishermen, however, are adamant in their warnings to be wary when near the coast of Gotar.
Reports of a one-eyed creature roaming near the vendo territory of Mularn have filtered in, but the sightings seem to be rare.
A drunken skald rushed in to Huginfel late one night and screamed repeatedly, "They fell from the clouds! They were everywhere!" When the guards were about to shove him off as some rambling drunkard, they were all suddenly stilled by an ear-piercing shriek that echoed throughout the land. When a group of hunters went to investigate the following day, they found that the land above Huginfel looked as if had been stampeded by hundreds of unknown creatures.
Wolverine hunters in Skona Ravine have gone missing at an increasing rate. Wild speculation of new beasts in the Ravine fills our taverns, although it may just be the mead talking.
Travelers in Muspelheim report that strange new spirits have arisen and haunt the passes at night, although these reports have not been verified.
The werewolf threat appears to be growing. Some unusually tough werewolves have been reported in Vanera Swamp, although there is no pattern to their sightings, our sages suspect they may just be scouting for new homelands."
 - The Marvelous Cloak can now take dyes and emblems.
 - Fixed a bug, that was causing shields to consider incorrectly. You may also find they block a tad more frequently as well.
 - The level 4 ring quest in Hibernia was handing out level 8 rings. The reward has been made more level appropriate. The new rings are level 5. If you completed the quest previously, your ring will not be affected in any way.
 - The Epic quest involving the Collar of the dead was handing out a level 35 item. This item has been replaced with a duplicate that is level appropriate for the quest. The new collar is level 27. If you received the level 35 collar it will not be effected in any way, and either collar should work fine for finishing the quest.
 - All Instruments were greatly reduced in price and had their weight reduced slightly. The new price is 1/5 of what they previously sold at.
 - Instruments of higher material types have been added to stores.
 - The Golden Mithrian Necklace in Albion now has the correct icon.
 -  The Sturdy Leather Belt should now equip in the belt slot.
 - The Mantle of Forgotten Prowess should now take dyes and emblems.
 - The Rogue Captain's Pendant's second stat is now quickness, the item previously showed dex/dex/stealth. It now shows dex/quick/stealth.
 - The faerie steed tail can now be carried.
 - Eldritches, Mentalists, and Enchanters now have some low level spells in their specialization lists; they should no longer have empty lists on their characters.

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